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Custom Glass Top Conference Tables

Finding the perfect glass top conference table for your office can be a difficult task. But with Glass Doctor®, you won’t have to settle for an average conference table that doesn’t meet your business’ needs. We offer custom glass tabletops in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finished edgings.

A glass top conference table is a great way to add a modern touch to any conference room. Unlike bulky, solid tables, glass top conference tables are sleek and the transparent glass makes conference rooms appear brighter and more open. 

Not sure what type of glass top conference table to get? Glass Doctor offers professional consultations from glass experts who will create a table that fits your business’ unique style and needs.

Our experts have the knowledge and experience to to help you choose between different types of edge profiles, thicknesses, and glass tints. Take a look at some of our edge profiles below:

Glass Doctor Edge Profiles Chart

With Glass Doctor, you have the option to protect your office chairs and carpet with tinted glass that blocks harmful UV rays. You also have the option to build your table with safety glass, which helps prevent breakage in the event of an accident. 

Beyond Furniture: Glass Solutions for a Variety of Needs

Glass Doctor has specialists who will walk you through the design process and make sure you are getting the top-quality glass top conference table you want.

Along with designing custom glass top conference tables and other furniture, Glass Doctor offers repair, replacement, and emergency services for all types of glass. Learn more about our industry glass solutions.

Order a Glass Top Conference Table With Glass Doctor

If you’re ready to order your custom glass top conference table, call us at 855-603-1919 today to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled technicians.